Paul Otway on The Sensitive Drunks

To think this band ever doubted calling themselves The Sensitive Drunks is surprising. Massive music fans all of them - there wouldn't be a music venue in Perth that wouldn't give any of them a warm welcome. That is, provided they entered with singer Seb Guazzelli. Seb has been there to support a section of the Perth music community and the bar itself, For near on a decade now, Seb has got behind a lot of emerging artists over the years and got them into the studio and onstage. Whether it was pop-up backyard festivals or inspired independent releases, the Veeline Records man has been there to cheer on and believe in those that may not have found an audience.

As one of those musicians, I say thanks, and long may you sip, Sensitive Drunks.

Fraternity for eternity,

Paul Otway.
(The Panics)

The Emperors on The Sensitive Drunks

"Hi Seb. I've had your CD in my car for a couple of days now on repeat and have given it a good listen. Honestly it really is fucking awesome. I think the production works, it sounds a little bit rough here and there but that's part of the charm of your band. It's got just enough shine on it (thanks bondy) to make it radio friendly but its rough enough to represent what you do live well. It's a good balance. And the song writing quality is very consistent, it's hard to find a weak point. I can see it getting critised for the songs sounding the same, mainly due to the tempos but I don't think there are enough records like this anymore. 10 or 11 tracks of bullshit free catchy indie rock. Its the same thing we try to do with emperors. Catholic Education would be my choice for your next single, so would make sense to put that on there. That "makes my heart sing" bit at the end is fuckin gold," Greg Sanders.

"Yep, I agree with all the above. it's a great record! I don't know them by name but I love the Catholic Education one!" Adam Livingston.

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Well we did say no MySpace but this is just so damn catchy. Jangle is not dead.

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