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Home taping is killing musicThe Sensitive Drunks are a band from Perth, Western Australia. This is their story so far…

Old mates Seb Veeline (Vocals) and Dave Wallace’s (Guitars/Backing Vocals) common love of great pop and indie tunes finally got the better of them, so they decided to grab some booze and a few guitars and head down the garden shed to make their own DIY melodic pop sensation that is The Sensitive Drunks. A few months of writing left them with a swag of catchy melodic indie pop gold which they recorded and passed onto friends and family for a second opinion. From here, a gig offer forced them to find some fellow drunks to share the love. And so The Sensitive Drunks were born. Joined by Sid Eaton (Drums), the band took their home recordings to Perth producer, Steve Bond (The Panics, Snowman, The Bank Holidays, Split Seconds) and began recording an album. The first single from the forthcoming album was "There She Goes", which was featured on the West Australian Music Industrys "Kiss my WAMI" CD compilation and received a glowing review in X-press magazine. As well as the inclusion on the CD the band were also invited to play at the WAM Saturday spectacular on the 28th of May as part of the annual WAMI festival, and the single has been enjoying a decent amount of airplay on community radio.

The Sensitive Drunks – “There She Goes” Xpress Magazine, Issue 1257.

“After only 2 gigs and not many more rehearsals local kids The Sensitive Drunks have already taken themselves to the capable hands of Steve Bond to assemble some recordings. The first of these to leak out to the streets is “There She Goes”. Assembling the pop smarts of Tom Morgan with the twee appeal of Belle and Sebastian, The Sensitive Drunks know how to craft a two and a half minute nugget. There is no shortage of handclaps, chiming guitars and Seb Veeline’s enchanting boy next door vocals to get even the most reluctant cardigan wearer excited. If “There She Goes” doesn’t get you pulling your best moves around the lounge room then check your pulse. With songs as tidy as this, striking artwork and an effervescent attitude, The Sensitive Drunks are a band that you will build your weekends around before you know it.”

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