Duncan Mah

Duncan Mah

Kicking around the Perth music scene since age 14, he played in various oufits opening for Ammonia (Drugs and Sleep Walker CD launches) as well as other bands, all whilst being and looking well underage at the original Loft.

As you can gather School was out, rock n roll was in, well until Duncan finally got his ass into uni and took a 5 year break from music.

He later moved to Sydney and started writing songs again, by himself and with other like minded musicians.  

Jump a few years later, he finds himself back in Perth and invited to see his mates band play (The Sensitive Drunks).  Left very impressed he talked about how awesome The Sensitive Drunks where with fellow mates after the gig.

Duncan heard Jason left to pursue The Coalminers Sect, so Duncan immediately called Sid when he found out.  Now he was in!

Duncan loved being in 'The Drunks' for 2 major reasons.  Firstly the people in the band where fantastic people, great and easy to get along with and all shared the same vision in life and musical direction.  Secondly he loved the bands songs.  After receiving the then demo's to learn the songs, Duncan was hooked.

High rotation on his CD player at home and in the car was where the demo's home became.  

What he loved about 'The Drunks' was each and every person's sincerity and heart on sleeve mentality, no bullshitting, no ego, no farcades, just genuine mates.

Over and out!

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