Seb Veeline

Seb Veeline

I've had a long time association with the WA music scene, running a lable (Veeline Records) putting on 42 bands in one venue in one day (Hail! Hail! Hail!), pop up backyard festival (Sofa, So Good), plus numerous weekly local music nights and helping new bands put out their albums. 

But I kinda lost my way and ended up in a very bad place due to mental illness and alcoholism (listen to to RTR radio interviews in the VIDEOS section and read the X-Press interview in the REVIEWS section for more insight).

I've always made musical notes over the years and many of those lyrical and musical musings have ended up on Hill & Hay. If you read the notes for the songs in the MUSIC section, you will discover my history behind the songs relating to this time of my life.

I never thought I would ever release an album, but thanks to good mates Dave and Sid that dream has come true. 

What can I say, The Drunks saved my life. Thank you Dave & Sid, and I promise to be good from now on...

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