Stephen Bond

Stephen Bond


Seb and Steve kicked off their local music adventure together with Veeline Records. Seb would organise events and recordings and Steve would record/mix them along with the help of Sid.

During this time, one of the young bands The Panics started getting some attention and Steve's star was on the rise.

On the back of his work with The Panics, Steve recorded many releases (often debuts) for Perth indie notables such as The Bank Holidays, Snowman, New Rules for Boats, and Split Seconds to name a few at his home studio, Cazfair House in Highgate.

Over the years, Seb would often get drunk and try to cajole Steve to start a band. But Steve's onstage days were over after the Veeline days' Guided By Voices and Cure tribute nights (along with Paul Panics, Sid Drunk, Dave Drunk, Seb Drunk, and Ethan on keys).

Seb was always bitterly disapointed that Steve would never pick up the bass for him after Veeline, but it is comforting to hear praise from the younger bands coming through Cazfair of our live recording of our The Cure Tribute Night (Inbetween Gaze). They tell me that after a boozy late night sessions, Steve gets all sentimental and pulls out the old recording and marvels at our drunken prowess. Steve you big softy!


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