Tsunami (QLD)

Cover Hill and Hay by The Sensitive Drunks

This album reminds me of the good old days when spray on jeans and trilby’s were a unique fashion statement and not the uniform of wannabes. In other words I like this album a lot. These four friends from Perth have produced an indie pop gem. Spinning the record at home, my very discerning housemates agree it is an instant classic and the perfect soundtrack for spring going into summer. No shortage of ooh, ooh`s and handclaps, by the second track ‘Trapped Inside My Camera’ everyone was up dancing. The chorus of unrequited love song ‘A Boy Named Teresa’ is a war cry for anyone who has had their heartbroken. In a nod to their fair city, the intro to ‘Perth Girls’ is so outrageously cute (that baby should win an Aria) and I love that they named a song ‘Courtney Love Not War’! Other standouts are ‘Dead Celebrities’ and ‘Like Good Fireworks’ and the very cheeky, voted the most likely to be banned track ‘A Catholic Education’. I think these guys are just warming up and they would be really fun to see live. Maybe they`ll ask you back for a beer and whisper sensitive nothings in your ear all night.

How To make a Sensitive Drunk

  1. 1. Pour shot of Dinosaur Jr in a tall glass
  2. 2. Stir in some Beach Boys
  3. 3. Sprinkle a little Ratcat around the rim
  4. 4. Finish with a twist of Lemonheads

Serve chilled with a side of popcorn.


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